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Produced by:
Tile with Water deposits and a Water Pump
Ice Condenser produces Water Water
Processed by:
Greenhouse Farm consumes Water Water to produce Food Food
Electrolysis Reactor consumes Water Water to produce Oxygen Oxygen and Fuel Fuel

Water is a resource.

Source[edit | edit source]

Water is mined by placing a Water Pump on tiles with Water Deposits or produced by a Water Processor

  • Water Trace Deposit Trace Deposit: +0.25/Water a second
  • Water Low Deposit Low Deposit: +1.0/Water a second
  • Water Medium Deposit Medium Deposit: +1.5/Water a second
  • Water High Deposit High Deposit: +2.0/Water a second

Uses[edit | edit source]

Water is used by Greenhouse Farms to produce Food and Electrolysis Reactors to produce Oxygen and Fuel.

HQs need water for Life Support.

After researching Cold Fusion, water may be used instead of power.

After researching Water Engine, water may be used for shipping and offworld launches instead of fuel.