Offworld Market

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Offworld Market
Offworld Market
Launch your electronics to Earth and the asteroid belt for insane profits!

Requires level 4/5 HQ
Steel Steel 400/400
Glass Glass 100/100
Electronics Electronics 100/100


The Offworld Market is an advanced building. It requires an HQ of level 4 to build one, and 5 to build two. An exception is the Elite faction which may construct one Offworld Market on HQ levels 3, 4, and 5 for a total of three.

With this building, you can sell resources at the Offworld Price. You can only ship 100 resources at a time and it costs 100 units of the selected resource, 20 units of fuel and 20 units of aluminum. On Ceres the fuel cost is reduced to 10.

Offworld prices are randomized at the beginning of each game and rise steadily throughout. Every 15 seconds after, every resource has a chance of its offworld price increasing by $10. In games with two or fewer players, offworld prices start at 0.75x what they would otherwise start at, rounded down to the nearest multiple of 10.

Unfortunately, the Offworld Market is often targeted for sabotage by other corporations, potentially devastating are mutinies and dynamite. Placing goon squads on Offworld Markets can counter most sabotages, except for Slowdown Strike, which isn't the most devastating sabotage on the Black Market.

Resource Starting Range Increase Probability
Water Water $50-290 0.25
Food Food $70-390 0.5
Oxygen Oxygen $70-390 0.5
Fuel Fuel $70-390 0.33
Aluminum Aluminum $20-190 0.2
Iron Iron $20-190 0.2
Uranium Uranium $20-190 0.2
Steel Steel $50-290 0.25
Carbon Carbon $20-190 0.2
Silicon Silicon $20-190 0.2
Chemicals Chemicals $70-390 0.33
Glass Glass $50-290 0.25
Electronics Electronics $50-290 0.33