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Includes the game and the Dev Almanac.

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About Offworld Trading Company

Offworld Trading Company is an economic real-time strategy game from Mohawk Games and Stardock Entertainment. In the game, money, not firepower, is the player's weapon. Players must stake their claims to resources and wrest any advantage they can buying and selling on the real-time marketplace – but greasing some palms on the black market for a timely pirate raid on a rival's supply chain can make all the difference.

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Latest news

Old World Update #24 - Anais - 2020/10/28 21:14

For more details, read the full update notes. Each Legendary Culture step is now worth an additional Victory Point For example, raising a city’s culture from Legendary I to Legendary II will result in...

Old World Update #23 - Anais - 2020/10/21 21:05

For more details, read the full update notes. Players can now choose to delay making an ambition decision for 5 years Increased the amount of XP earned for serving as a Governor Various Mission Orders...

Old World Update #22 - Anais - 2020/10/14 21:14

For more details, read the full update notes. Discovering landmarks will now reward the player +1 Legitimacy Religions now have a head member (Bishop) Each Nation can now found a Pagan Religion Pagan...

Old World Update #21 - Anais - 2020/10/07 21:11

For more details, read the full update notes. Players can now swap units that are adjacent to one another Selecting a unit and ordering them to move to an adjacent occupied tile will swap the two unit...


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