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The HQ is the player's center of operations in Offworld Trading Company. Each HQ type has different life support and resource requirements and bonuses.

Types of HQs[edit | edit source]

There are six types of HQs in Offworld Trading Company.

The Elite and Nomadic HQs were added via the Jupiter's Forge Expansion pack. The other four HQs are included in the base game.

Founding an HQ[edit | edit source]

Whenever you found an HQ, any resources underneath your HQ are removed and added to your stockpile. A high resource tile gives you +20, a medium +15, and a low +10. The Robotic HQ gives you double this bonus.

HQs must be founded on flat ground.

After founding, other players may not claim resources or ice up to four tiles around your HQ for a set period of time. With the exception of Nomads, tiles closest to the HQ are blocked for 80 seconds, while the furthest tile is blocked for 20 seconds. Both Nomadic HQs block tiles around the HQ buildings.

Tiles from HQ Elite, Expansive, Robotic,
Scavenger, & Scientific
1 tile 80 seconds 40 seconds
2 tiles 60 seconds 40 seconds
3 tiles 40 seconds 20 seconds
4 tiles 20 seconds

Life Support Requirements[edit | edit source]

Life support is a series of resources needed to support life in a HQ. These resources are water Water, food Food, and oxygen Oxygen. The Robotics HQ is the only HQ that does not need life support.

HQ Level Elite, Expansive, Nomadic,
Scavenger, & Scientific
Robotic Robotic

Freighter cost/s



HQ2 -0.2 Water/s -0.3 Food/s -0.1 Oxygen/s 0 -0.2Power/s -0.2Fuel/s
HQ3 -0.4 Water/s -0.6 Food/s -0.2 Oxygen/s 0 - -
HQ4 -0.6 Water/s -0.9 Food/s -0.3 Oxygen/s 0 - -
HQ5 -0.8 Water/s -1.2 Food/s -0.4 Oxygen/s 0 - -

HQ Asset Value[edit | edit source]

Asset value plays a large role in calculating a player's share price.

Players HQ 1 +1 HQ lvl @HQ lvl 5
2 1,400k +280k 2,520k
3 1,300k +260k 2,340k
4 1,200k +240k 2,160k
5 1,100k +220k 1,980k
6 1,000k +200k 1,800k
7 900k +180k 1,620k
8 800k +160k 1,440k

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