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The HQ is the player's center of operations in Offworld Trading Company. Each HQ type has different life support and resource requirements and bonuses.

Founding an HQ[edit | edit source]

Whenever you found an HQ, any resources underneath your HQ are removed and added to your stockpile. A high resource tile gives you +20, a medium +15, and a low +10. The Robotic HQ gives you double this bonus.

HQs must be founded on flat ground.

Types of HQs[edit | edit source]

Life Support Requirements[edit | edit source]

Life support is a series of resources needed to support life in a HQ. These resources are water Water, food Food, and oxygen Oxygen. The Robotics HQ is the only HQ that does not need life support.

HQ Level Expansive, Scavenger,
& Scientific
Robotic Robotic

Freighter cost/s



HQ2 -0.2 Water/s -0.3 Food/s -0.1 Oxygen/s 0 -0.2Power/s -0.2Fuel/s
HQ3 -0.4 Water/s -0.6 Food/s -0.2 Oxygen/s 0 - -
HQ4 -0.6 Water/s -0.9 Food/s -0.3 Oxygen/s 0 - -
HQ5 -0.8 Water/s -1.2 Food/s -0.4 Oxygen/s 0 - -

HQ Asset Value[edit | edit source]

Asset value plays a large role in calculating a player's share price.

Players HQ 1 +1 HQ lvl @HQ lvl 5
2 1,400k +280k 2,520k
3 1,300k +260k 2,340k
4 1,200k +240k 2,160k
5 1,100k +220k 1,980k
6 1,000k +200k 1,800k
7 900k +180k 1,620k
8 800k +160k 1,440k